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Abstract Flavour Basil
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The Lemonade

Abstract Flavour Basil

We love basil. That's why we've created a lemonade that will finally fulfil the requirements of the King of Herbs himself. It was important to us to create an uncompromising product that´s able to live up to all that is Basil. After three and a half years of development, we regard Abstract Flavour Basil as a love child, of passion and good taste.

Inner values

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

All ingredients of natural origin!
Real plant extracts. Real lemon juice. Real taste.

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Marcin Lacki

The founder

With the Abstract Flavor Basil Lemonade, the founder Marcin Lacki, unites the artistic world with the gastronomic – paying homage to good taste. Lacki studied film as a director and grew up in parallel to the world of gastronomy. He is a filmmaker, photographer and visua artist. In addition, Lacki has been mixing cocktails for over twelve years, constantly creating new recipes.